Feb 19

Day Three – a little stiff

Up an at ’em this morning early to get ready for my all day rugby coaching course.

I had a slice of toast and a small yoghurt with some cut up strawberries for breakfast before dashing off to my all day rugby coaching session.

I spent the whole day running around a field either coaching or being coached in various fitness and mobility warm ups or other assorted rugby related training pieces.

I had two banana’s, 2 satsuma’s and an apple throughout the day with a served lunch of lasagne and salad.

Settling in for dinner tonight of pea and salmon risotto, will have a smallish portion of that too…

Not sure what my caloric intake has been today, but it looks pretty low and I have been extremely active all day.

Still not interested in smoking and even no after a full day of being a boys boy I still don’t want to break into the beer.

I will keep this up, so far so good!


  1. Julz

    Heeeeeeey, where is day 4/5/6/7?? Come now man! 😀

    1. Barrulus

      Well, Day Four anyways seeing as today is day 5…

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