Feb 28

Days 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 – but who’s counting?

Hello World!
Not having a computer has proved to be extremely painful and I have been a little remiss in borrowing the resources needed to update my blog.
I will stress, however, that this is through no fault of my own!

Anways, Friday was a good day, I discovered that avo’s and nuts are good things to snack on and went and bought a huge pile of awesome nut butters from Healthy Supplies.

I can’t remember fully what I ate on Friday, but it would have been toast and fruit breakfast, lunch was an extended snack (melba toast and cream cheese) and dinner was a grilled lamb chop thingy. I ate well, not too much or anything and my daytime meals were low calories, night time was small portion (ONLY TWO LAMB CHOPS)…

Friday night I also went to go and train Griffin and his happy team of under 7’s and 8’s in the magical art of rugby, so plenty of moving about the field while they played and I had my morning exercise routine too.

Saturday is a bit of a blur, but breakfast we can assume the same, lunch was at PIZZA HUT, a salad and a Chicken Delight Pizetta… (only 460 cals for the pizza – OMG). Saturday was also great because I weighed in at 89.0 kg’s, a further reduction of 900 grams – though I am not sure that that has stuck 🙂

I have ordered myself a measuring tape thing to measure inches all over my body so I can see if I am losing fat, rather than watching my weight too closely.

On Saturday I went to the pub in the evening and drank 3 pints of… you thought I was going to say Guinness didn’t you… lime and soda! I watched Wales beat England in a marvelously contested game of rugger and celebrated like a mofo when Wales won.

Then went home and ate grilled mushrooms and a little bit of couscous…

Sunday had a standard breakfast, lunch was lentil soup that Maggie made – too amazing for words) and dinner was pork chops after Griffin and I had spent two hours swimming at the LC2…

Another weekend gone without any alcohol or cigarettes. I am well and truly back in control of me.

I forgot to mention that every day Griffin and i do the routine. Pressups, situps, tricep dips.

On Monday morning I had to go up to London to get my laptop repaired so I woke early to have a run and bailed on it 5 minutes in as my knees just weren’t happy about it.Breakfast was standard and I grabbed a cup of americana with soy (YUCK) at  the station while waiting for the train.

I drank water on the train and had a chicken salad for lunch when I got to London.

Monday night saw me doing Thai stir fry with no rice or noodles again, just chicken and ginger – yummo.

This morning I woke up and added air squats to my morning routine so I am now clocking in a high speed cycle of:

10 x press ups
10 x sit ups
10 x tricep dips
10 x air squats

rest for 1 minute and then repeat two more times. Not really much, but it is obviously helping and sure does get my poor fat heart moving first thing in the morning.

Reading Convict Conditioning has shown me that this is all good but I really do need a plan. I shouldn’t just be jumping in throwing things any direction hoping something sticks… soon… soon…

I had a breakfast of two microwaved eggs and two lunches (one at 11am and one at 1:45pm) of slim fast weight loss shake mixed with water, not milk and a late afternoon snack at 4:30pm of 10 low calorie water biscuits and fat free cottage cheese. Dinner was two pork chops fried. I have spinach for breakfast and am looking forward to getting home tomorrow so that i can start working out what diet I should be following. Still very interested in the 4 hour body plan – just need to execute…

So all is well, still losing weight – next weigh in day is Friday, and still doing exercise, still not smoking, still not drinking.

I think I got this one licked. 82 kilo’s here I come…


  1. Julz

    Huge difference already from the day one photo! Congrats and keep it up, that’s awesome 🙂

    1. Barrulus

      Thanks Julz, I will definitely keep it up now… just finding my rhythm and all will be well

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