Mar 01

Day 13 – my lucky day?

Well yes, it was a lucky day.

I got my laptop back with a new hard drive, bringing it back up to speed was not as hard as it could have been. Some work I had been doing got finished off and I liked the end result. I also got home in time to snuggle with Griffin and Emma at Griffin’s bed time and got to spend the evening with my beautiful wife πŸ™‚

So – a good day.

As far as food went, a weird day.

I had a cup of cooked spinach and a pork loin steak for breakfast immediately after my morning exercise regime. I had two banana’s through the day and had 8 pieces of various sashimi for lunch (late lunch at 3:45pm). On the train I broke down and had a pack of quavers and got home and had a chicken and marrow and onion type thing that Emma had cooked with couscous. Not a bad day, my calories still came in under target (I am targeting 1250 per day)

My measuring tape also arrived *EEEEK*

I will start measuring myself from tomorrow morning, every morning, and will chart it out in excel and do a once a week update on my progress.

I also decided yesterday that I am going to try very hard to use this myfitnesspal thing – if it means eat simpler meals so I can find the bits easier, then so be it πŸ™‚

That’s all for today – weigh in and measurements coming tomorrow morning.


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  1. Emma

    Sweetie – it was kidneys and bacon, not chicken …. and Mum cooked it, not me πŸ™‚

    GET THEE ON TO A TREADMILL. Will make this WAY easier.

    I love you noo x

    1. Barrulus

      And I you pickle πŸ™‚ With all my heart πŸ™‚

  2. Last born

    Barrulicious – you are inspiration! I’m keeping an eye on you. More on the 4-hour body plan of action please! Dad an I are both following it!!! as of yesterday. Well dad by default, because I do the cooking…

    I assume you are no longer giving up meat as previously mentioned on day one..?

    Muchos love!

    1. Barrulus

      I am still giving up meat – though I am not as gung ho on that one just yet – taking things slowly as if I make this whole diet and exercise thing too horrible, I will fail.

      I want to get everything under control first, THEN I will step by step eradicate meat from my life…

  3. Julz

    dammit man! Update! πŸ™‚

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