Mar 19

Fourways High 20 Year Re-Union (2011)

Late 2011 saw a fantastic 20 year re-union happen for all the old Fourways High School folks.

Sadly I was not able to attend but Colette Rieder (now Van Heerden) managed to sort it out for everyone who could.

Thanks to Michael Burril, everyone that made it was given a CD that contained scans of all the yearbooks from 1989 and a selection of scanned images and photies.

Colette very kindly sent this to me in Wales (after an aborted attempt to get it to me through people in ZA, thanks Brett Fischer for that effort, sorry my peeps let us all down there).

So, I am not making an ISO available for download as that would mean burning a CD. I have zipped the contents into a single file for you to download if you want. You can find it here. It is 243 MB in size.

If you would rather browse around, I have dumped the various files into the same folder structure so you can peruse and download as you want.

  • Images captured between 1991 and 1992 (In this series of folders is also the 1988 founders class photo’s)
  • The 1989 year book (PDF)
  • The 1990 year book (PDF)
  • The 1991 year book (PDF)
  • The 1992 year book (PDF)

In order to expedite the process I have decided that I will get this all into a much prettier format at a later date, so I welcome everybody sending me any old photo’s that you may have lying around so I can add them in here. You can mail them to 

I will set up a proper gallery that allows us to browse around through the images and view thumbnails and download full versions. I just don’t have the time right now 🙁 Sorry…