Mar 23

Writing excuses when you’re drunk…

Ok, just from the title of this post we can see that it is probably not the smartest thing to attempt but it is something that at least one person I know tried to do. My sister, Christie.

Many years ago, she was invited to attend the South African National Youth Orchestra as she was quite a talented young violin player. Her and her friend Andrea both made the cut and went off on a youth camp to prepare for a big show and (what we know now) as normal Christie behaviour shone through.

Dorothy Van Der Geest managed the Youth Orchestra and was the recipient of the letter I have scanned into this post.

She passed it to her son who she knew was friends with me and that I was Christie’s brother.

I held onto this letter for many years hoping to show it at her 21st (I could not be there) and sadly as we all get older and wiser, the days of a big reveal party are no more.

Paul told me that Christie and Andrea had caused a bit of a ruckus because they had snuck out to go drinking and created a “not insignificant” scene upon being caught trying to sneak back into the Youth Orchestra residence.

When it became evident that she had been caught and could not worm her way out of the trouble that was sure to come, she penned this remarkable piece of literature

She was about 16 (she can correct me if I am wrong) at the time… (and she wrote this on my birthday so MUST have been having a happy birthday Barry drink!)