May 03

And so it begins… again…

Right, for those of you who follow my blog, you’ll already know that on February 16th 2012 I committed to a 15 week plan to lose 15 kilograms and stop smoking and generally improve my health.

Well the first thing I realised was that I was not actually 15 kilo’s overweight, I was about 10 so I adjusted my personal target to 10 weeks to lose 10 kilo’s.

Sadly I have been a complete pillock and managed to lose a mere 4.2 kilograms so far. I have lost more than that but have managed to GAIN WEIGHT during my diet.

“How is this possible?” you might ask.

Simple. I grew complacent. Then I grew lax. Then I became disappointed. Then I started eating everything in sight to make me feel better about not losing weight. Then I stopped exercising because, well because I am an idiot.

The good news is that I am still not smoking and aside from the occasional craving, have not had much in the way of coming close to falling off the wagon.

Aside from the two big drunken evenings I have already written about, I have had no more than casual thoughts about smoking, things like “hey, I would usually smoke a cigarette now!” and being an ex-smoker is now settled in for real. Hallelujah!!!

On the weight side of things, I have truly got to “up my game”. Or at least “keep my game on”.

I have finally realised (with the support and advice of a fantastic group of people going through the same shit as me on Facebook) that it is not all about losing all the kilo’s today. It is about slowly adapting and adjusting my lifestyle choices so that the weight falls away without too much concious effort and STAYS off because that is what my lifestyle creates.

Thankfully summer is here again and I know that this year will be a MUCH more active year than past summers. I have promised Griffin that we will use the kayak MUCH more and that we will walk the dogs more and that we will go cycling more. More more more, all of it good clean outdoors physically active stuff. Rain or shine, this year I am not going to sit indoors on my fat lazy arse because in a few months time we will be joined by Lincoln Wyatt Danger Gill and I need to invest as much time into Griffin now so that he does not feel sidelined by this whole new family addition thing.