May 03

Imelda Mayhem! (and a half)

Imelda May (and a half) rocking St Davids Hall

Emma and I bought tickets to go and see Imelda May perform in Cardiff last year in September. The tickets arrived shortly after purchase and I put a calender entry into my diary to make sure that I didn’t book any London meetings that would make me miss this event.

In the end, I ended up travelling to London the morning after the concert after having gotten home at 12:30 and getting up at 4:30 to get myself to a meeting in Reading at 9:30.

Why do that?


Imelda May is an extremely important artist to Emma and I, having formed an integral part of the early part of our love story. Emma and I used to swap songs and youtube links to share what we were going throgh on a daily basis in lieu of being together.

Emma fell in love with a sing called “Big Bad Handsome Man” and sent it to me as that was what she was thinking about at the time and I instantly fell in love with Imelda May’s raunchy rockabilly style and her amazing vocals. We very quickly worked our way throgh Imelda’s then current album, “Love Tattoo”, and came about “Meet you at the Moon”.

we’re looking at the same moon
though we’re miles apart
we’re wishing on the same star
when you’re deep in my heart
I don’t know if you know but when we miss each other so
look up I’ll meet you at the moon

This song became a nightly anthem for us, a nightly reminder that while we were worlds apart we were closer together than ever before and that distance would grow shorter over time until there was no more distance any more.

Watching her perform last night with Emma by my side was a personal culmination of sorts, a milestone, a final end point of a journey trhat began many years ago.

Emma is my heart and soul, she is my light and love and anyone who knows me knows that I dote over her in a syrupy sweet fashion that makes most people retch. Watching Imelda sing last night reminded me so much about how I got to being so happy so has left me in a state of euphoria that seems unnatural for someone who only managed to sleep for 4 hours before getting on a train again.

Another striking thing for me is that Imelda May is a week or two ahead of Emma in the pregnancy race. She is big and beautiful and wearing body hugging outfits that show off her bump. She engaged with the audience and made fun about her husband’s (the guitarist) involvement in making her fat. She rocked and stomped and crooned and belted out the songs one after the other like an absolute machine, but one with incredible emotion. All of this and she is over 5 months pregnant. Totally in awe of her, she is an amazing artist.

At one point, while she was singing Kentish Town Waltz, I noticed how she is still singing all these love songs she wrote to her husband! That may not seem like a big deal, but they have been together for years and live a hard life on the road, always on tour. She is beautiful and I am pretty sure has guys hitting on her left right and center all the time. These are all pressures that many relationships would burt under but her she is, pouring her heart out and delivering the amazing songs to the audience while stealing loving glances at her man.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Pretty much restored my faith in other people’s abaility to love under all circumstances.

Another big eye opener for me last night was Dave Priseman’s performance. He plays the trumpet, horns, guitar, marakas and more and was to me one of the shows highlights. When listening to a band like theirs perform in studio, you lose a lot of the impact that a single performer can have on a song. Up close and personal though it was almost as if last night was the Imelda and Dave show with Al, Steve and Darryl simply keeping the stage warm for them. I don’t mean to diss their performance, it was brilliant, but drums, bass and guitar are staples of any rock outfit, its the other things that give them their unique twist and those are Dave and Imelda.

Money well spent for sure, I will definitely go and see them perform again live.