May 26

My wife is charmed

I broke a cardinal rule recently.

I did something that will probably be the end of me.

I have opened the floodgates and gone beyond the point of no return.

Yes, dear reader, I have bought my wife jewellery.

I got her a beautiful charm bracelet with heart shape links interlinked with good size links on which to hang the charms.

I got five charms…

The first charm is a passport and I got that one to represent all of the moving we are going to go through as a family soon.

The second one is a high heel shoe with a Union Flag on it. This one is for Maggie who is staying in the UK.

Next up an electric guitar. This if for Griffin who has a definite thing for guitars. He has posters of them, toys and has got two real guitars.

Then I got a little baby blue baby bootie. This is for baby Punisher Face Gill who is on the way.

Lastly I got a pink heart shaped padlock to symbolise how I will always keep her safe and secure.

Apparently I have done well with my choices…

Lets hope that the rest of my life is as easy and fun and wonderful as being married to Emma!