Jul 12

Yes you CANada!

This past week has seen me running around with Mimecast at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Canada.

I arrived last Saturday and we immediatley got off to a good start with dinner with the team and a couple of drinks.

On Sunday, Nick, Paul and I went to have brekkers and watch Andy Murray give the whole UK hope, only to have his early lead wrenched from him, never to be returned.

After that, we had a welcome session on a boat. Yes, a boat. A big one. I was worried that I was going to get sea sick, but seeing as we remained docked, I had nothing to worry about. Until they tried to undock and sail off… Luckily my colleagues were paying attention and we managed to escape to the docks.

A couple more drinks and then bed, after all, Monday is when the conference starts…

And what a start!

After a short performance by Cirque du Soleil that did a fantastic job of building up the excitement and getting us all in the mood for a great time, everything kicked off and the conference began.

I am not going to talk about everything that we covered in the sessions and keynotes as I will dedicate more time to writing something a little more in-depth on the company blog. In this post I just wanted to capture some of the things I did around Toronto.

On Monday night, after loads of quality sessions all day, we went to another boat party, another one that kept on claiming to be leaving the dock, and had some excellent fun. Lot of good conversations with colleagues and partners alike. I met several folk that I know I will keep in touch with and several who it will be great doing business with.

One of the things I notice most about Toronto, is that it is an interesting and beautiful city. Unlike many other cities I have been to, you get a sense of the size of the city while walking around because for the most part it appears to be pretty flat with broad, open streets that run straight east and west, north and south, giving you the impression of being in the outdoors, rather than cramped in a city.

There are also art installations everywhere, statues, big birds, steel constructs and more, making this a visually appealing city.

The UK Partner Event on Tuesday night was absolutely brilliant. Another night spent meeting existing and new partners, truly the highlight of the after hours events so far. The venue we went to was fantastic, huge, never ending and full of interesting things in every corner.

Last night the Mimecast team all had dinner together again and I prep tonight for the last party before I leave tomorrow morning early.

I will check in again ith a more detailed report on all the tech that I saw here and the folk that I met, but not likely to do that until late tomorrow…