Aug 31

August and the Baby has not cometh…

August has been a month of complete madness here in the Gill household.

Griffin has been in his summer holidays, I have come home to work full time while waiting for Axel Harvey Danger Gill to grace us with his presence and Emma has gotten steadily bigger.

Add to that Emma and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary!

End of anniversary sherry, with gorgeous pins alongside <3

I mean, we have actually done a huge amount of stuff, considering we have been hoping to have a little baby join us for the past few weeks already. I would hazard a guess that there are no women out there who are as strong as my wife, not that I am biased or anything, but she is an absolute pillar of magnificence and a continuous inspiration to me.

In the past month we have gone caravanning at Fishguard, a nice weekend away to get both Griff and Emma out and about because the confines of a home get rather dreary after too much cabin fever has set in.

We have also enjoyed almost every break in the weather and had MANY trips to the beach for evening swims or kayaking sessions. These are no mean feat for a pregnant beauty, let me tell you. The beaches around us are super wide, required extended walks to get to the water and with a 7 year old son who just wants to rough house and surf and kayak, preggie mum is less exciting than crazy dad, so Emm has largely had to fend for herself in many of these trips to the beach

We have had the Gower Show (at which I bought a gorgeous new hat), we have had blue skies and rain rain rain…

Griffin and I have played football, played the fool and have kayaked so much we have become professionals.

All of this while waiting for a little baby to come and join us.

The “Name Game” has really heated up too.

We currently have a whole load of names that we are looking at.

We have a series of variation of all of these names and every day we try out something new.

The current favourites seem to be sticking at Axel Harvey Danger Gill, Wyatt Elwood Harvey Gill, Wyatt Harvey Danger Gill and Fergus Harvey Danger Gill.

All things considered this baby is going to be a humdinger for us as if we can’t decide his name this close to birth, how are we going to decide what his first cool onesie (baby grow?) is going to be? Ok, who am I trying to kid, that has already been decided because Emma has packed the hospital bag and loaded it into the car.

Anyway, I know that over the next month I am not going to have much time to post many blogs so I will leave you with this image of Griffin contemplating how far out we have paddled.




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  1. Emma Danger Gill on Facebook

    And 4 x movies, chocolate factory, several walks along promenade, dragon boating, mini golf etc. this doesn’t make me strong though mind … I just have ants in my pants and a bored 7-year old!

  2. Barry Gill on Facebook

    And Griff’s drama school and awesome play and and and… there has been loads…

  3. Anita Forsyth on Facebook

    Yes you have been busy indeed!

  4. Emma Danger Gill on Facebook

    6 weeks of school holidays … Have to keep little people busy or we’d all go nuts!

  5. Anita Forsyth on Facebook

    Also keep preggers momma from going nuts with cabin fever! I’m thinking with every phone call coming through: is this IT? Thinking of you.

  6. Emma Danger Gill on Facebook

    Well I hope the next phone call is! 😉

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