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  2. PhotoFriday – Mobile Phone Photo — July 19, 2013
  3. On the road home — January 15, 2013
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  5. Science Fiction/Double Feature — December 30, 2012

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Oct 11

Love, Maps, Spotify, Headphones and Heartache

What an interesting week. This week I learned several things. My wife buys me the best birthday presents in the world is an amazing service Android has some things pretty well worked out London is quite pretty Swansea is not the arse end of the world That’s a lot of things to learn in …

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Jul 19

PhotoFriday – Mobile Phone Photo

Right, I take many pictures with my mobile phone so this seems like as good a week as any for me to embark on PhotoFriday. I took this picture the other morning. We’d been having (and still are) such warm and sunny days here in Wales and then we had a morning where the entire …

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Jan 15

On the road home

As the sun set, the last dregs of the draught went pouring into Ged’s throat. With a smack of his lips and a loud belch he stood up and spun round addressing the general area, “Right then! I’d best be off!” “Best be off what? Your head?” Raucous laughter accompanied the jibes as they found …

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