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Return to Farmville

Emma and I recently went out to South Africa where we hooked up with family and friends for a short “summer” break.

Because getting from Landimore to Johannesburg involves a large amount of travel on all sorts of different vehicles, I made a pact with Griffin that if he was well behaved on the flights to South africa and back again, I would buy him some proper fishing gear and take him fishing.

Well you can imagine how safe I thought that bet would be. 4 hours in the car, 3 hours hanging around the airport, a 9 hour flight, some more hanging around, another 4 hour flight and then a train ride and all that in just one direction!

I thought “a six year old boy is NEVER going to handle this well at all”

Smug in my own superiority I was truly not expecting to be reminded by Griffin when we got back to Wales after our holiday that he had behaved incredibly well and that we now needed to go and get him fishing gear.


A son cannot go fishing by himself, that defeats the entire purpose of the excercise, so Griff and I now have all the trappings we need to go fising on a regular basis.

This is him with his new 10′ coastal rod, practicing in the garden for when we go angling next weekend…

Watch this video on YouTube.

Now I want to get a kayak so we can intersperse the fishing with some good rowing…

I will put a decent blog post of the coming weekends fishy experiences up next week!

Rainbow after glow…

One of the strangest things I have found myself writing about since starting up this blog is the after glow of a good strong African rainbow.

After glow? What the hell is that?

See what I mean, first sentence in and you’re already thinking I am nuts.

An after glow is that warm fuzzy happy feeling where the world is truly viewed through coloured glasses. Almost entirely associated with a post coital glow… But that’s not what I am writing about today.

This picture pretty much captures what I think about when I talk about a rainbow after glow. It is that rich honey yellow with a tint of green that seems to permeate everything after a heavy African thunderstorm has passed and a good strong rainbow is left behind…

Yup, simple as that.

It is something that I have not seen since I moved to the UK.

I have seen a good number of rainbows for sure, but I just haven’t seen one where the sunlight has been bright enough to reflect the rainbows colours to change the hue and tone of everything around me.

I remember as a kid sitting in the car driving back from Durban or Magoebaskloof, watching the thick clouds roll away and the green and gold of the rainbow fill the land. Totally serene. Totally calming. Inspiring.

In later years, I remember cracking open a beer, kicking a load off and just enjoying the calm after the storm. The birds all start to come out again, but the close by storm still has most of the sounds of the city muted so there really just is the colour and the dripping wet.

A very arbitrary thing to miss, but I do miss that rainbow after glow…

I love you Africa, always will, though my heart will always be with my beautiful wife, my DNA is 100% South African…