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Sep 27


With the constant stream of rugby innundating the airwaves during Rugby Wordcup 2011, talk at school has obviously included a lot of rugby banter. We do, after all, live in Wales, a country known for its fanatic rugby support. Unsurprisingly, a local rugby club came to Griffin’s school on a recruitment drive and Griffin decided …

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Aug 31

Parenting: Whose perspective is it anyway?

Griffin and I went camping last weekend. That’s right, just us boys! Emma was off at a yoga retreat getting centred and pampered and stretched while we got dirty and wet and smelly and cold. Yup, camping is a treat. But really, it is a treat, a fantastic one that had Griffin and I in …

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Aug 26

Parenting: Do as I say not as I do

So I am pretty sure that this is nothing new to anyone who has either been a child or is already a parent. Pretty sure. I mean, I remember clearly times where my mom would grab her hair in frustration and tell me exactly that. DO as I SAY and not as I DO! Now …

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