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Oct 11

Love, Maps, Spotify, Headphones and Heartache

What an interesting week. This week I learned several things. My wife buys me the best birthday presents in the world is an amazing service Android has some things pretty well worked out London is quite pretty Swansea is not the arse end of the world That’s a lot of things to learn in …

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Nov 15

Movember movember the 5th of November

Prison Mo Man o’ man have I been busy. Seems like I always find the time to say that and no-where near the time to update my blog on all of the wonderful things that are happening in my life. I mean right now I am a candidate for prison with the wonderful moustache I …

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Mar 08

The Gates from Hell

Ok just to be clear this is NOT a rant about Bill Gates from my Linux techies perspective. Especially considering how deeply ingrained Microsoft technologies are in my life these days… I mean come on, I got excited about installing Linux on an old laptop just to have SOME of it in my environment, everything …

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