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May 20

Rugby Fun Day and camping at the club…

Just like honey…. Listen to the girl As she takes on half the world Moving up and so alive in her honey dripping Beehive As I opened this post that started to play on my Zune Smart DJ playlist. I thought it was pretty appropriate as a reflection of what happened this morning. To begin, …

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Jul 26

YUMMO! Biltong!

When i moved to Wales almost 2 years ago, I knew I would miss billies. I just knew it. I mean I remember how much I missed it when I did my short stint as a vegetarian and that was only 9 months! Living in Wales means we are far away from the “Saffa” shops …

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Apr 06

Alright stop! Gower time

Living in the country has many benefits, clean air, load a space to walk, great scenery and no noise (unless you consider bleating sheep and lowing cattle and the incessant tweeting of birds noise…). It does however also have its downfalls. Emma and I decided about three months ago that it was finally time for …

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