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Mar 08

The Gates from Hell

Ok just to be clear this is NOT a rant about Bill Gates from my Linux techies perspective. Especially considering how deeply ingrained Microsoft technologies are in my life these days… I mean come on, I got excited about installing Linux on an old laptop just to have SOME of it in my environment, everything …

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Sep 10

Lamb on the spit

Last weekend saw a grand beginning (which turned it into an early end for me) in that we had the first ever Annual Autumn Lamb on the Spit. Ok so we think it will be an annual event, but who knows… certainly my liver hopes that we get nowhere near that close together but hey, …

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Sep 01

Giant vegetables at the show!

Yes dear readers, it is true. This weekend I went to my first ever village show that had village produce at the centre stage! Produce? Vegetables, fruits, cakes, breads and a bar. A weird and entertaining combo! I had never anticipated that I would one day be living the high flyer type of lifestyle that …

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