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Mar 16

Time management


One of my colleagues at Mimecast mentioned today that he thought another colleague was able to be such an impressive thought leader because of the fact that he manages his time very well. At fist glance that sounds like a very loose connection to me. However, now that I have thought about it for a …

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Feb 07

One day I will have all the time I want…


But not today 🙂 That’s not a stress for me. I hear people saying all the time that they need more hours in the day, or that the week should contain more days. This is a very simple repercussion of working in modern society, where society demands that you allocate the better part of your …

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Aug 26

The (dis)advantages of working remotely

As you know I work a large percentage of my time from home. Tucked away in my quiet little corner of Wales I interact with my colleagues using Skype, email, WebEx and telephones. I have the luxury of only having to walk about 15 steps from my bedroom to my officeand as such don’t have …

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