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Imelda Mayhem! (and a half)

Imelda May (and a half) rocking St Davids Hall

Emma and I bought tickets to go and see Imelda May perform in Cardiff last year in September. The tickets arrived shortly after purchase and I put a calender entry into my diary to make sure that I didn’t book any London meetings that would make me miss this event.

In the end, I ended up travelling to London the morning after the concert after having gotten home at 12:30 and getting up at 4:30 to get myself to a meeting in Reading at 9:30.

Why do that?


Imelda May is an extremely important artist to Emma and I, having formed an integral part of the early part of our love story. Emma and I used to swap songs and youtube links to share what we were going throgh on a daily basis in lieu of being together.

Emma fell in love with a sing called “Big Bad Handsome Man” and sent it to me as that was what she was thinking about at the time and I instantly fell in love with Imelda May’s raunchy rockabilly style and her amazing vocals. We very quickly worked our way throgh Imelda’s then current album, “Love Tattoo”, and came about “Meet you at the Moon”.

we’re looking at the same moon
though we’re miles apart
we’re wishing on the same star
when you’re deep in my heart
I don’t know if you know but when we miss each other so
look up I’ll meet you at the moon

This song became a nightly anthem for us, a nightly reminder that while we were worlds apart we were closer together than ever before and that distance would grow shorter over time until there was no more distance any more.

Watching her perform last night with Emma by my side was a personal culmination of sorts, a milestone, a final end point of a journey trhat began many years ago.

Emma is my heart and soul, she is my light and love and anyone who knows me knows that I dote over her in a syrupy sweet fashion that makes most people retch. Watching Imelda sing last night reminded me so much about how I got to being so happy so has left me in a state of euphoria that seems unnatural for someone who only managed to sleep for 4 hours before getting on a train again.

Another striking thing for me is that Imelda May is a week or two ahead of Emma in the pregnancy race. She is big and beautiful and wearing body hugging outfits that show off her bump. She engaged with the audience and made fun about her husband’s (the guitarist) involvement in making her fat. She rocked and stomped and crooned and belted out the songs one after the other like an absolute machine, but one with incredible emotion. All of this and she is over 5 months pregnant. Totally in awe of her, she is an amazing artist.

At one point, while she was singing Kentish Town Waltz, I noticed how she is still singing all these love songs she wrote to her husband! That may not seem like a big deal, but they have been together for years and live a hard life on the road, always on tour. She is beautiful and I am pretty sure has guys hitting on her left right and center all the time. These are all pressures that many relationships would burt under but her she is, pouring her heart out and delivering the amazing songs to the audience while stealing loving glances at her man.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Pretty much restored my faith in other people’s abaility to love under all circumstances.

Another big eye opener for me last night was Dave Priseman’s performance. He plays the trumpet, horns, guitar, marakas and more and was to me one of the shows highlights. When listening to a band like theirs perform in studio, you lose a lot of the impact that a single performer can have on a song. Up close and personal though it was almost as if last night was the Imelda and Dave show with Al, Steve and Darryl simply keeping the stage warm for them. I don’t mean to diss their performance, it was brilliant, but drums, bass and guitar are staples of any rock outfit, its the other things that give them their unique twist and those are Dave and Imelda.

Money well spent for sure, I will definitely go and see them perform again live.



Drink Fu@%$*&£@’s of Tequila without getting a hangover

Alright so those of you who know me know that I am a tequila slut.

I will quaff any tequila brought near me.

Phrases like “Tequila is an upper”, “Tequila gives your party a special boost”, “Every boozy night should be started off with AT LEAST one tequila, just to perk you up and change your party. In a good way” are probably nothing new to any of you. I know I have been spouting those words for years and probably boring my friends to tears at the same time but for now I thought I truly had to share a little something something with you.

The amazing and gorgeous Smart Tart

A long while ago my awesome AMAZING friend Smart Tart became the first person I had ever met who ONLY drank tequila.
At the time I thought she was nuts, I mean really, we all know tequila is the devil! On two separate occasions her and her man Az tried very hard to show me the correctness of their ways, only to have me sneak the beers in anyways. First night we demolished 5 bottles of the old Jose Cuervo gold, alright, this was MOSTLY us, though there were a number of other folk there who did have the occasional shot. The second time we did it, it was just the three of us and we polished off three and a half bottles of Jose.

Ok, that’s surely enough to kill several horses right?

On both morning afters I was a pasty wreck of a man, I felt like butter that had been spread over too much toast… whilst Az and Smart danced happily around me with grins and smiles. That last time was over two years ago.

Now, some years later, I have found myself advising Emma to follow Smart and Az’s example so that she can drink without getting bloated. She has told me twice already what a wonderful experience it is and how little impact carried over to the next day!

So with all this positive re-enforcement I thought I better give this a bash at my next boozeup.

Enter Steve.

So Steve and I are always trying to one-up each other. We become like oversized toddlers on crack, joshing and laughing and daring each other all the time. Well he was in London for a meet up last night and I gave the tequila only the old college try.

MAN o’ MAN did it work wonders”!

After work I went for drinks with my team at where I had 2 tequila’s and 2 non-alcoholic ginger beers.

John pouring Jose at the Red Room

After that I met up with Steve and we went balls to the wall. We had consumed another 4 tequila’s each by the time we got our table at the restaurant we were at.

I had another 8 or so tequila’s with dinner and I succumbed to the Steve Pressure and had two little Korean beers.
About every third tequila got a ginger ale ordered as well (they had no ginger beer).

When I left, I went back tot he hotel where I roped two of my colleagues into more drinks and ended up with ANOTHER 3 tequila’s in my gullet…

I went to bed at sometime, it felt like 1am perhaps… not entirely sure to be fair…

I woke up this morning at 7:30am, no headache, no nausea, almost no sign of the booze I had consumed the night before.

Seeing as how I LOVE tequila, I can see no reason why this should not be my standard mode of drinking from now one!

I love you Smart for showing me the light, and I love you Emma for making me see, and I love you Tequila, because you are just fucking fantastic!

Finally getting the Linux vibe…

Alright, those of you who know me will also know that I am a geek. I may have tattoo’s, listen to insane music, have long hair and have forgotten to shave in more than is usually acceptable, but in my heart of hearts I am still a simple geek.

I love servers and server OS’ – what can I say?

So after having moved out of the TechOps department at work, I stopped having access to hundreds of love fueled Linux servers and had to move some of the goodness home.

Sadly i was busy and just never made the time and never got around to it.

Then I decided to move to the UK, get married and become a father. Whew, I thought I had time constraints before all that, boy was I delusional…

So I have been living in the country being a husband and a dad and doing all the family things one would expect.

This is the puppy pen

This week I built a puppy enclosure in the garden so that we could put our adorable little puppies into it suring the day so that they weren’t cooped up inside.

Now this is a mammoth task for someone like me.

It involves handyman type stuff and it involves physical labour.

It also, for those of you with young children, involves letting my son hammer and bend and dig alongside me as he “helps” me with this important task, helps me to get it finished quicker.

And all of this in the rain.

What I ended up with was a perfectly workable large space for the pups to play in.

What I didn’t realize though is that the fence wire I bought was little more than a glorified puppy ladder…

So much for my “man about the home” suit.

So I have decided to stick to what I know best and work on improving our home systems.

First step, get Ubuntu up and running and create a nifty Time Machine for Emma and Maggie’s Mac’s.

So here I am, waiting for the base install to finish before I start configuring the machine to perform all sorts of basic tasks for shits and giggles.

Also sitting here watching Emma play Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, with Danielle from next door. Danielle on drums and Emma on the guitar, this is hilarious, especially considering the Warriors of Rock version has mostly stuff like Slipknot, Slayer, Megadeath and much much more to choose from. They are seriously striking out looking for soft pop songs to play to *grin*

Soon I will be back in the world of Linux with a new home server that I can fiddle on and install stuff onto and just generally play around on…