Jan 02

Forget me not

wineThe buzzing started to quiet down and the haziness that seemed to blur my vision cleared away slowly, leaving behind a mild curiosity, a feeling of bewilderment at where I was and what I was doing.

I stretched lazily and stifled a yawn and blinked as I took in my surroundings and shook the fog from my mind.

Acrid smoke, musty bookshelves, burnt leather apron, glass vials and tubes… the laboratory.

Still more than a little confused as to why I was so sleepy and seemingly unaware of how I ended up in the lab, the serenity that followed waking was rapidly replaced by a rising panic that sharpened my senses and brought me to my feet with a resounding crash as the chair I had been sleeping on was thrown backwards into the wall.

Fully alert, wide-eyed and in in control of my faculties I stared around the lab for clues as to what had transpired before I woke. There was nothing to indicate anything unusual on the desk where I had clearly slumbered, stretched over various parchments and little paper sachets of various mineral and other content.

“What day is it today?” I wondered as I took in the labels on the little paper sachets, salt, willow bark, potassium, wheat germ?

“What was I working on?”

As I trailed my gaze over the workbench I started to see obvious patterns that had escaped me before, the willow bark sachet was mostly empty and was not properly sealed, the potassium sachet was clearly crumpled and there was an empty beaker with some dried scale remnants still clinging to the sides.

I decided to stop worrying, that it would all come back to me and headed out to the dormitory.

As I walked I took in the sights and smells, allowing them to permeate my senses in a way that seemed more real than I had ever noticed before. I seemed to be infused with a healthy dose of life, seeing vivid colours in everything I looked at and hearing with an alarming clarity.

As I neared the dorms, I saw Jeune sitting on the steps, head in hands.

My cheerful greeting is met by a blank faced stare and then a wide smile spreads of his face as he leaps up and throws his arms around me.

“Where have you been? We’ve all been so worried about you!”

“Where have I been? I was actually going to ask you something similar! I woke up in the lab in section 4 about an hour ago with no memory of what I had been doing to get there.”

“In the lab?” Jeune’s raucous laughter startled me and I stepped back confused.

“What’s so funny? I am having a bit of a panic because I have no idea how long I slept or how I ended up there!”

Jeune looked me full in the face with a broad smile and said simply “Come with me.”

With that he turned and raced back up the steps shouting for Thoom and Gandy who were likely milling about somewhere close.

As I started up the stairs I saw them emerge from the dormitory, looking for who had called them and locking eyes with me they both immediately started towards me. They were a few steps down when Jeune went bounding towards them jabbering away, too far for me to hear but clearly about me as he kept pointing at me and they started walking towards me again.

We met on the steps and Thoom and Gandy were clearly happy to see me though the frenetic excitement that had Jeune beaming all over the show didn’t seem to have them in its grasp.

Gandy grabbed me by the shoulders and said “You don’t remember anything? Not a single thing?”

I told him that I could remember everything, just not what had happened in the lead up to my waking in the lab. I told him I remembered everything from the previous day, going to class, reading from the old tomes in the religious studies section of the library, I just couldn’t remember where I couldn’t remember from. There didn’t seem to be much missing…

All three young men started chuckling and Thoom started talking in his gravelly voice – “Yesterday, the yesterday you are talking about when you went to the library to study old gods, that was two days ago!”

After that they all started talking, leaving me more and more amazed as the events unfurled.

It seemed that I had been trawling though ancient literature about long forgotten religions and I had stumbled across a god who was worshipped through drinking huge amounts of wine. The prospect of a god who had permeated the very seat of cultural acceptance had intrigued me and as my friends and I had sat having our evening meal, we had started to speak about the ancient deity.

The more we spoke, the more wine we drank and the more wine we drank, the more we spoke until at some point in the evening we had all been so drunk we had been unable to do much more than pour more wine.

At that point, the wine had begun to pour itself and I had called out to the ancient god to see if he still endured and then everything got weird.

Jeune told me that the wine casket we had been pouring from had started to glow, Gandy said that the whole room lit up and Thoom told me he could hear women singing gay ditties, all the while I was encased in a sparkling nimbus that had them wondering if there had been some of those red cap mushrooms in the meal we’d eaten.

The god, as it turned out, had not been dead and had in fact remained fairly powerful and had been overjoyed to hear his name spoken so many times and had chosen to come and bestow a great gift upon me for bringing his name back to the light of day.

“It would be a great gift if I knew what it was!” I said miserably.

Thoom reached out and passed me a wineskin and told me that the god said that I would have to drink wine when I returned.

I took the skin, put it to my lips and pulled a draught into my mouth and everything that had happened came back in a howling, powerful rage of ecstasy…

[important]Please help me improve my work by letting me know what you thought! I really do value feedback, especially at this early stage in my writing development as this is the first non-work related fictional piece I have written in over 20 years![/important]

Dec 30

Science Fiction/Double Feature

Michael Rennie was ill the day the earth stood still
But he told us where we stand
And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear
Claude Raines was the invisible man
Then something went wrong for Fay Wray and King Kong
They got caught in a celluloid jam
Then at a deadly pace it came from outer space
And this is how the message ran:
Science Fiction – Double Feature
Dr. X will build a creature
See androids fighting Brad and Janet
Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
Oh-oh at the late night, double feature, picture show.


Seriously, that is how I felt in the early hours of Saturday the 1st of September 2012…I was Brad helplessly watching my Janet fight androids in her belly and just hoping that somehow I would survive the ordeal with my Janet safe and the android bundled neatly into a wrap…

Well, everything turned out great, in the end, the labour wasn’t fun, Emma somehow managed to hang on for more than eight hours without any drugs and I survived the full ordeal with no broken fingers. The emergency procedures and the panic at seeing my strong wife so beleaguered after such an epic struggle was the hardest part for both of us but once we were holding the new addition in our arms it all got forgotten rather quickly.

Mi Joolie!Julian Elwood Danger Gill (registered as Wyatt Harvey Danger Gill but we reserved the right to change our minds 🙂 ) was born to us as a tiny little human weighing in at 3.26 kilograms and looking like a wise little monk.

I know he is wise, he is, after all, my son…

Be that as it may, my previous blog post was on August 31st and was published at noon. Who knew that a little over 12 hours later I would be crying and smiling and hopping around with joy and relief?

Who knew that a little under four months later and I would be on the edge of 2013, looking back into 2012 to see all the things that had come to pass and to plan the things still to come and be thinking to myself… “Self, this was a fucking good year! Let’s have some more like that!”

The Suns

The Suns

Refocussing parental energies around two kids from having only one is no mean feat. Emma and I have worked hard to ensure that Griffin still feels like he is the centre of our universe and only that he now shares the centre of the universe with another little being who adores him and whom he adores.

This has kept us busy beyond anything I thought possible, to a point where even my idle time pursuits have all been shelved in light of spending more play time with Griff or sleep time with Emma when the chances arose.

The past four months have seen us not only celebrate the birth of little Julian Elwood Danger, but also seen my mom come to visit from the USA to meet her new Grandson, Emma and I decided to become vegan’s with a softer start at vegetarian, Griffin started karate, we had a wonderful Halloween, Griffin turned 8, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary in this house, changed real estate agents three times, Christmas has been and gone and my mom came out for a crazy four day whirlwind visit then too, JUST to keep a promise she made to Griff! I aspire to be the kind of grandparent she is 🙂

I mention Griffin started karate, this is a big thing for him and a massively difficult thing for me…


Watch this video on YouTube.


Ok, so maybe you didn’t want to watch 10 minutes of me being beaten up by my eight year old, but he will be relishing these moments where he gets to shout “NO MORE MR NICE GUY!” for years to come.

I, sadly, will be feeling the bruises for as long as he thinks he still needs to hit me with all his might… Even sadder is that Julian is going to grow up watching his poor old dad being beaten by his idolized big brother and he will want to follow suit… What have I done?

While Emma and the kids are the focus of my entire existence, there are many other things that I do and want to do that help me remain defined as who I am.

Watching another year roll towards me I have decided to focus a small part of my attention to something i have wanted to do for as far back as I can remember, all the way back to Standard 2 when I first read “The Hobbit”.

I want to write.

Not the corporate stuff I output on a daily basis, but fictional work that tests and works my creativity and imagination in ways I have hitherto not yet fully explored. To that end, after a wonderful chat with the fantastic Nerine Dorman, I am all charged up and ready to go.

In the coming months you will see this humble little blog start to put out weekly short stories as I feel my way around story writing, please feel free to comment and critique, both good and bad, let me know what you felt and what you’d like to see more of.

Interspersed through that you will find the usual fare of family life updates and other bits that tickle my fancy for my blog is my musing point, it is where I store my thoughts for posterity…

So roll on 2013, raising babies, writing stories, growing, developing and living life, for if there is one thing the MBE has taught me, it is that a life unlived isn’t a life at all.


Emma and Julian

Aug 31

August and the Baby has not cometh…

August has been a month of complete madness here in the Gill household.

Griffin has been in his summer holidays, I have come home to work full time while waiting for Axel Harvey Danger Gill to grace us with his presence and Emma has gotten steadily bigger.

Add to that Emma and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary!

End of anniversary sherry, with gorgeous pins alongside <3

I mean, we have actually done a huge amount of stuff, considering we have been hoping to have a little baby join us for the past few weeks already. I would hazard a guess that there are no women out there who are as strong as my wife, not that I am biased or anything, but she is an absolute pillar of magnificence and a continuous inspiration to me.

In the past month we have gone caravanning at Fishguard, a nice weekend away to get both Griff and Emma out and about because the confines of a home get rather dreary after too much cabin fever has set in.

We have also enjoyed almost every break in the weather and had MANY trips to the beach for evening swims or kayaking sessions. These are no mean feat for a pregnant beauty, let me tell you. The beaches around us are super wide, required extended walks to get to the water and with a 7 year old son who just wants to rough house and surf and kayak, preggie mum is less exciting than crazy dad, so Emm has largely had to fend for herself in many of these trips to the beach

We have had the Gower Show (at which I bought a gorgeous new hat), we have had blue skies and rain rain rain…

Griffin and I have played football, played the fool and have kayaked so much we have become professionals.

All of this while waiting for a little baby to come and join us.

The “Name Game” has really heated up too.

We currently have a whole load of names that we are looking at.

We have a series of variation of all of these names and every day we try out something new.

The current favourites seem to be sticking at Axel Harvey Danger Gill, Wyatt Elwood Harvey Gill, Wyatt Harvey Danger Gill and Fergus Harvey Danger Gill.

All things considered this baby is going to be a humdinger for us as if we can’t decide his name this close to birth, how are we going to decide what his first cool onesie (baby grow?) is going to be? Ok, who am I trying to kid, that has already been decided because Emma has packed the hospital bag and loaded it into the car.

Anyway, I know that over the next month I am not going to have much time to post many blogs so I will leave you with this image of Griffin contemplating how far out we have paddled.



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