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Mar 23

Writing excuses when you’re drunk…

Christies letter to Dorothy Van Der Geest (page one)

Ok, just from the title of this post we can see that it is probably not the smartest thing to attempt but it is something that at least one person I know tried to do. My sister, Christie. Many years ago, she was invited to attend the South African National Youth Orchestra as she was …

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Feb 21

Day Four – Back in London and boozing it up

I started yesterday morning out like any other morning NOT! My alarm went off at 5:45 am and I got straight out of bed, went to the bathroom and had a good drink of water and climbed straight onto the treadmill. Yes, that’s right, I ran (jogged really) for 30 minutes before I was even …

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Mar 03

Drink Fu@%$*&£@’s of Tequila without getting a hangover

The amazing and gorgeous Smart Tart

Alright so those of you who know me know that I am a tequila slut. I will quaff any tequila brought near me. Phrases like “Tequila is an upper”, “Tequila gives your party a special boost”, “Every boozy night should be started off with AT LEAST one tequila, just to perk you up and change …

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