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Mar 01

Day 13 – my lucky day?

Well yes, it was a lucky day. I got my laptop back with a new hard drive, bringing it back up to speed was not as hard as it could have been. Some work I had been doing got finished off and I liked the end result. I also got home in time to snuggle …

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Feb 22

Day 6 – the work continues

Interestingly, when I woke up this morning I got straight out of bed and went and did my morning routine of 3 x 10 sit ups, press ups, crunchies and tricep dips. I mean, I woke up before my alarm. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and got straight to work! It’s not …

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Feb 21

Day Five – missing meals

It’s no secret that today started out with a pounding headache and a bodyweight lounge floor gym session. I then had my standard breakfast minus the yoghurt and went off to work to lament my stupidity from the night before. At the office, I had a bit of a slump caused by the after effects …

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