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Aug 04

A discourse on step father-hood. Step one: Friendship

One of the most recurring themes on this blog has been my adventures with my step son, Griffin. I frequently write about the things that I do with him and the little wins that I feel I have and the times where I feel crushed that I am not getting the “glory” for being his …

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Apr 13

South Africa here I come

Finally that time of year has come where Emma, Griffin and I don our travellers socks and head off for the warm South African climes… Too bad it’s wet and cold there right now. Oh well, the warmth of the reception we will get will surely more than make up for that. A week in …

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Mar 17

Crowdsourcing grief

A little earlier today I was tabbing through a random album link that Facebook presented to me and I was faced with a picture of a friend (Nazar) who very sadly passed away last year. Having a nostalgic moment I went to his still active Facebook profile and penned a simple note on his wall: …

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